Thursday, January 12, 2012

The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act: track it!

The School Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, H.R. 3627 was introduced to the House in December.

Here's a cool tool to track the status of the epinephrine bill as it moves through the House of Representatives.  AND there's a place to click and show your support for H.R. 3627.

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PS.  I just wrote a letter on this site that went directly to my Congressperson.  Here is my letter  Personalize yours and make your voice heard! Share with others!

I support H.R. 3627 ("To provide States with incentives to require elementary schools and secondary schools to maintain, and") because...
As an adult with extensive food allergies, it horrifies me that the recent death of a young girl, Ammaria Johnson, may have been prevented. Just like first aid kits in schools and businesses, and defibrillators on planes, epinephrine should be considered basic medical emergency treatment, and should be standard in schools.
Most of the news has reported that the mother tried to leave an EpiPen at school and was told to take it home. I've heard from another of my blog readers that the same happened to her when she was in public school. Why would a school turn down life-saving medication on the premises?
Sadly, there have also been reports of the bullying of food allergic children (smearing peanut butter on their hands and chasing allergic kids), so it would be even more important to have this available in case of emergency.
I am encouraging others in the food allergy community to post here. Thank you.
Kishari Sing
Facebook: Food Allergy Queen

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Anonymous said...

I'm surprise that schools won't allow EpiPens. What are they afraid of? It's negligence on their part for not accepting medicine. They should be blamed for what happened. People should be properly educated about food allergies and maybe incidents like this wouldn't happen!