Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Question: Autism spectrum and food allergies?

Readers, I have a question for you!  A chef, restauranteur and host on the KCRW show "Good Food" in LA, Evan Kleiman, has posed this question.

We are working on a story about the relationship between autism and food you know someone who struggles with food allergies due to Autism or Asperger's?

I already know that some people with Autism spectrum respond well to a gluten-free and casein-free (dairy-free) diet to help manage symptoms.  BUT she's also asking if anyone with Autism has developed food allergies after diagnoses?

My guess is no, that Autism does not subsequently generate food allergies, that they're two very different systems in the body. But I wanted to pose the question to you, a bigger audience than me!

Please either comment below, or shoot me an email with your thoughts at, and I'll share them with her.




Mama Pickles said...

My son has a PDD-NOS diagnosis and we knew about his food allergies way before we knew about his autism. I don't think autism causes food allergies, but I do believe that some kids with autism may have a harder time processing some foods. Take food dyes for instance- we know my son is not allergic to food dyes, but when he consumes food dyes it has a negative effect on his body. His behavior is way out of control and he is just all around out of sorts. I think too that a lot of people are confused as to the differences between food intolerances and food allergies. If you eat something you are intollerant of, you may feel sick or out of sorts. If you eat something you are allergic to, you could potentially die.

Food Allergy Queen said...

Thanks Mama Pickles, I appreciate you sharing your situation. I'll see if anyone else responds then share the results with Evan.

Have a great day!


Herb Hoffman said...

Many times kids that are vaccinated and are allergic to the things that are in the vaccines can exhibit such behavioral problems from ADD ADHD to autism like symptoms. If your child is reacting to these vaccines, the best way is to eliminate the reaction using either a NAET practitioner or an easy home treatment product called The Allergy Kit. My son was in a special class (EH) and exhibited behavior the labeled him emotional handicapped. After treating him for his allergies, his nose doesn't get stopped up, his behavior has improved and he has a much better outlook on life. There are ways to help kids by keeping an open mind. Check it out

Ruth said...

I'm not convinced either that Autism can lead to food allergies, but I AM 100% sure that eliminating gluten from the diet of some children with a disorder on the autistic spectrum can have hugely beneficial results in terms of behaviour.

Nice blog, will keep coming back!

Ruth from