Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Toast is back! (Well, English muffins, really)

This is probably true of many people avoiding gluten...but I deep down miss good BREAD!  I ran across another fine Glutino product at Whole Foods the other day (I almost never go into the freezer section, I must do so more often!). This time I found frozen English muffins, which don't sound so great on paper, but trust me they were GOOD.  They are gluten-free, and more importantly to me, RICE-free.  They do have corn, eggs and soy in the form of lecithin, so they are not completely allergy-free. They also have a bit of dairy in them, but a small enough amount that it only caused me a mild reaction.  For me, it was worth it to have TOAST again.  I've been having fried egg sandwiches for breakfast all week!

The English muffins are rock hard when you pull them out of the freezer, but if you let them thaw for a few minutes, you can get a knife through them to split the muffin.  Just be careful and use a cutting board! (A bit of dorky trivia...did you know that one of the most common injuries in ERs comes from people slicing bagels in their hand?)

Here are the Ingredients: Water, corn mix (corn Starch, skim milk powder, evaporated cane juice, salt, glucono-delta-lactone, pectin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium alginate, modified vegetable cellulose), tapioca starch, corn flour, liquid egg whites, skim milk powder, evaporated cane juice, margarine(palm and palm kernel oils, soy lecithin), yeast, guar gum, baking powder(corn), salt.

You can buy Glutino products at Whole Foods, or online at glutenfree.com-- click here.  They're not cheap, a 6-pack is $6.99, but for the few times I want toast, they're divine, crunchy-chewy goodness.

Toast is the most! 

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