Monday, October 29, 2007

Look ma, it's cake!

For some reason, cake must be in the air. I've fielded several allergy questions (and one or two special requests) for cake in the past month. Must be some cosmic cake convergence or something going on.

A while back a mom asked for help with a gluten-free/egg-free cake for her child's bday. I've recommended the mixes from Allergy Grocer/Miss Robens (see link on my site)and finally got a chance to do a test drive myself with the chocolate version. (This is all for science, right?) The Miss Roben's chocolate cake mix in question is a Top Seller for Kids and was based on potato flour and tapioca starch, chocolate flavor provided by cocoa. I used eggs, but will try the next one using Ener-G egg replacer.

The verdict? Texture was EXCELLENT. Just like a regular, bad-for-the-system evil, gluten-filled Duncan Hines out of the box cake. Light and springy. Sometimes "homemade" cakes end up with the texture of a brick. But this was nice! But for me personally, the chocolate flavor was a little weak. (Mind you, I'm a TOUGH critic on chocolate so you should pretty much ignore this comment.) My flourless chocolate cake using dark European chocolate had more intense chocolate flavor, but this beat mine for texture. It could pretty easily be frosted and decorated without most people noticing it was gluten-free. You could do the evil twin switcheroo!

This has a little cool whip on it because I was too lazy to frost it.


Anonymous said...

That sounds tasty . . . but I do wonder how it is without eggs. Please let us know when you try it out! :)

Jennifer said...

cool whip does have a little dairy in it... don't know how allergic you are, but casein is a milk protein.

Food Allergy Queen said...

Thanks Jennifer, yes I know Cool Whip has a little casein, but for me I can tolerate it. I believe I've disclaimed Cool Whip in an earlier post, but I will definitely add that reminder in next time I mention it. :)