Monday, June 19, 2006

Man, it's been a long time

Writing is something that I do for work, but I always seem to forget the pleasures of writing for fun, even if no one else is reading what you've done.

Although I have more time these days, since I'm lacking the daily structure of an office life I'm finding that I get less's maddening. After teaching people about their celiacs disease/food allergies at Surfas, I'm now annoyed with myself for not putting more effort into writing my food allergy cookbook. So many people who love food really don't understand how to work around their restrictions and still eat well.
The trick is to eat well for you, not eat what everyone else has "except for"...

When I have dinner parties, see attached, they are lovely dinners that happen to be Kishari-friendly (or "KF" as my co-workers have dubbed it). No one, including myself, feels deprived.

Thank God I can still eat chocolate. :)

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