Thursday, June 22, 2006

It just seems wrong: riceless

I wnet out for Thai food for dinner tonight, due to the odd fact that although I am Chinese, I can't cook most Asian cuisines worth a damn. Not for lack of trying, but since I learned to cook on classic French cooking techniques, Asian dish composition and seasonings just...freak me out. Sorry Mom! But I know where to drive my friends for good eats with an Asian slant! Ar ar.

My point was that it just seems wrong to eat Asian food without rice. I've been able to substitute corn for lots of things where I would usually eat bread, but in this situation I'm stuck for a substitution. Taro root? Millet? (Just from what I've read about millet in Japanese cooking, I really have no idea how to cook it. And at least in Kurosawa films, it supposedly tastes bad anyway.) And what would I do, go to an Asian restaurant and bring my own millet in a flask? Oy.

Meanwhile, I'll pretend like I'm having my Thai food "protein style" and happily slurp away with nothing to sop up the gravy. At least I've figured out how to have sushi with no rice: hand rolls with lots o'filling! Luckily I live in Los Angeles where everyone is on some weird diet and restaurants don't look at you funny when you make bizarre requests.


celticjig said...

Hi, just linked to your blog from Gluten Free Girl's site. Have you tried quinoa as a rice substitute? I feel for you with all those allergies, me, just gluten intolerant. Sounds easy now.

Food Allergy Queen said...

Thanks for your sympathy! I have tried quinoa as a rice substitute, but for some reason I just don't like the taste! I've tried it as a salad, as a side dish and in soups, and it just doesn't float my boat. So the thought of adding it to Asian food doesn't make me very happy.