Sunday, December 13, 2020


NOTE ON ALLERGIC REACTIONS TO VACCINES--I personally have had an allergic reaction to the flu vaccine. I am allergic to chicken, not their eggs (I know, weird, it's why I'm the Queen). Although flu vaccines are based on chicken eggs, I had low-grade anaphylactic allergy symptoms for a MONTH. No flu, though, to be fair.

I sometimes also react to the "inert ingredients", including alcohol. So be aware of how each vaccine is composed. Based on some severe reactions to the first Brits who took the Pfizer covid vaccine, the FDA is advising that severely allergic people like us don't get the vaccine right away. (And if you do, be sure there are medical personnel around who can handle severe anaphylaxis, and make sure your Epi is up to date.) For the Pfizer Covid vaccine, here are the ingredients. Personally, I am going to wait until there are several vaccine choices to determine the one with the least amount of allergic reactions or have favorable ingredients.

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