Saturday, November 21, 2015

Giving thanks in 2015!

Unroasted pumpkin pie made with coco milk yogurt 
I just checked in and realized I hadn't posted in months...unfortunately my other job (running a startup) has been sucking up both my time and my brain, so that I can barely even think about cooking for my food allergies....but wait. It's Thanksgiving, the bestest cooking holiday of the year, yay!

Due to a nasty flu last time it was my turn to cook, it's been a while since I have had time to think deeply about a turkey day menu. And you know what? It's so RELAXING for me...all the preparation and planning makes me feel comfortable and safe knowing that I'll have a lovely meal that meets my needs for my food allergies. I know it's stressful for others, but for me, the kitchen is my happy place.

I'm having a pescatarian friend over this year, so she's bringing salmon and a veg. My first time seeing fish at the table for Thanksgiving! So I'll be adjusting my cornbread stuffing to be meat-free, and instead add more roasted nuts and fruit for flavor. And my Cranberry, shallot and cherry compote  recipe will go most excellently with both her fish and my turkey. She just doesn't know it yet!

The menu:

Brussel sprouts
Cranberry-cherry compote
Potatoes of some sort--players to be determined later
Roasted pumpkin pie

I haven't made turkey in a while, so I almost forgot that I need three days to dry brine the turkey ala the late, celebrated Judy Rodgers of the Zuni Cafe. Since it's just me for the turkey (and for all of the glorious leftovers), I'm buying a few legs instead of the whole bird since I like the dark meat best. And I get to feel like Henry the 8th, waving them around.

The main thing I feel grateful for is that mentally, emotionally and physically, I am feeling like all is right in the universe. In reality, I'm pinching every penny and stressed about money as my partner and I are getting our business rolling--but the weird thing is that I feel like the cosmic tumblers are clicking into the right place, regardless. Do you get that feeling? I hope so--and wish that for everyone this holiday. There is so much disgusting, and mind-numbing fear and hate going on right now that I sorta can't wait to hide out in the kitchen for a while and think only about pie. BTW, Ruth Reichl roasts her pumpkin first! Wouldn't that be lovely if everyone could take a break from being horrible for a while and be grateful for all the blessings and loved ones they have in their lives?

Hope yours is wonderful,

The Food Allergy Queen

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