Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Gift suggestions for #foodallergy peeps!

Here are a few items that I think would make great holiday gifts for the #foodallergy peeps in your life.

Lauren's Hope medical bracelets.  These are NOT those nasty military-type bracelets.  List your critical food allergies on the replaceable medical tag, and swap between beautiful sterling, crystal and gold versions for women, leather for the men, and fun beads and leather for kids.  I get compliments on mine all the time (I have the one pictured), and when people compliment me, I flip over my wrist and show them it's a medical bracelet.  They are shocked at how nice they are. I've convinced quite a few ladies that you don't have to sacrifice style for safety.  If your kids whine about how ugly it is to wear a bracelet for their food allergy, you can fix that with these!  Find them on Twitter @LaurenshopeID

Glasslock food storage containers.  This is not sexy, but they're some of the most practical pieces I have in my kitchen.  Not only can I see what's in there (and the state of freshness of the item in question), if there are multiple food allergies in your house you can avoid cross contamination by using non-toxic markers directly on the glass (I like Expo-click dry markers because they're big and hard to lose!).

A subscription to Allergic Living or Living Without  magazines.  'Nuff said.  @AllergicLiving, @Living_without

A cosmetic-sized bag for all of the allergy stuff.  Epipen, antihistamines, emergency plans, Dr. contacts, etc.  I like to put mine in something REALLY bright and obnoxious so it's easy to find in my purse or briefcase.  I have a few from Tepper Jackson, but you get the idea.

Stainless steel bento boxes for transporting your safe food to parties or other people's homes.  You'll want something sturdy, and easy to clean to avoid the chemicals in plastics.  I think you can also use dry erase markers on stainless.

For kids, perhaps one of these cute little skull and crossbones tees that helps the adults around them understand they have food allergies.  They are customizable (I want one!) for specific food allergies as well.  Kids can easily get overlooked by busy or impatient adults and these can only add another layer of communication, right?  Plus, they're a tiny bit "goth",  kids will love them.  Not on Twitter, but Facebook.  https://www.facebook.com/groups/36548582389/

Allergic Girl, the book.  My friend Sloane is a psychotherapist who grew up with food allergies to nuts and fish.  She has wonderful strategies to emotionally empower yourself or your children on managing food allergies, without living in fear.  And brilliant observations about dealing with anyone (including family) who are resistant to offering you support.

I would love to hear from you.  What food allergy related gift do you love to give, or would you like to receive?  

Happy holiday shopping, the FAQ

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