Monday, November 28, 2011

...The aftermath

A post-Thanksgiving check-in of things I have learned:

- I planned lots of options for leftovers since I am still eating turkey (I bought a 16-lb bird and already planned to freeze a good portion of it ).With it, I've made Vietnamese style sandwiches on gf bread, turkey omelette, and turkey noodle soup. Good to have these ready.
- Need to plan to pig out on desserts. I ate 3/4 of a pumpkin pie by myself, although spread out over a few days.  Thank goodness I didn't make two!  My mom is diabetic and only took a few bites, which she ate with her hands -- it was so yummy she couldn't/wouldn't wait for a plate and fork.
- Look for the turkey baster BEFORE you turn the oven on.  Needless to say, I only found half of it.  Not helpful.
- I discovered that when the connector on the wire for the roasting thermometer is loose, the temperature can be inaccurate. Argh.
- Earth Balance margarine (soy free in my case) massaged into the bird prior to roasting adds beautiful color and texture to the skin.  Almost as good as butter!
- I opened a bottle of Fre alcohol-free wine...a merlot.  My mom loved it...esp since she's given up alcohol for her health.  Now she can get it back!
- The #GF soft rolls recipe are best eaten within a day.  Will let you know how they freeze.

All in all, a lovely cooking holiday.  Hope yours was delicious, safe and fun!

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