Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New year, same tummy

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were spent with loved ones, and everyone is starting off the new year happy and healthy.

After a ton of work travel and subsequent stress last month that I might possibly have to do my Christmas shopping at national airports, I continued to run around over the holidays, trying to do too much, see too many people and and guess what?  My body finally crashed and said "STOP. Slow down!"  I was completely flattened.  I made a long-needed visit to my awesome acupuncturist Jill, who helped me rebalance.  But it wasn't enough, because after the continued stress, plus eating all kinds of rich holiday stuff that I don't normally do (like prime rib and eggnog!) my painful tummy troubles returned with a vengeance and I am now back to doing the IBS diet in addition to my standard food allergy diet.  Ugh!  So now it's time to take away all the high-fat foods that cause tummy distress (red meat, egg yolks, raw veggies, I already gave up coffee) and switch out to turkey, fish, shrimp, corn pasta, gf cornbread, soft-cooked veggies and lots and lots of peppermint tea.  This was a painful reminder that I need to stop and be present, and be really mindful about what I put in my body right now.

I already planned my New Year's resolutions early, of course -- exercise more, take off a few pounds, spend more time with friends, plan ahead a bit better so that I have a better stock of Food Allergy Queen-friendly food in the freezer.  But now I realize that I need to stop, slow down, listen to my body and take it easy on myself, which is my NEW New Year's resolution.  Taking care of business and taking care of yourself are not the same thing.  :)

So, I'll wish the same for you!  This year, plan to take the time to take care of yourself, in every way possible.

Happy New Year!  The FAQ

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Amy said...

What a great idea. So many people are focused solely on losing weight - not being in touch with their bodies. Keep up the good advice!