Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Food Allergy Queen got some press!

I'd completely forgotten until today that I was contacted by a writer from Maclean's magazine in Canada (it's their version of Newsweek) who asked to quote my post on Daiya cheese.  Apparently Daiya is made in Canada but not yet available there!  Look ma, I got "interviewed" by the press!  Well, kinda.

Here's my quote:

“It’s revolutionary in that now people can have pizza and mac and cheese,” writes Kishari Sing on her blog The Food Allergy Queen. When Sing taste-tested Daiya, she declared it “delicious,” then listed its ingredients: no dairy, no soy, no eggs, no nuts, no gluten, no casein, no wheat, no barley, none of the usual allergy suspects. Tapioca and water are the top ingredients. Everything else is plant-based. The company claims Daiya contains 33 per cent less fat than regular cheddar cheese. “It’s probably the best vegan cheese substitute out there,” Sing told Maclean’s. “Mostly because the previous versions have all been so hideous!”

And here's the link to the entire article for your viewing pleasure.  Ta da.



Anna said...

Your article convinced me to go out and get this cheese, it is currently available in Vancouver and New Westminster and a few places out in eastern Canada I am not sure of. I found mine in New Westminster, the only thing is that they only sell it in 5lb bags, which cost $41. But MAN oh MAN does it ever taste like mozza cheese. I have made 3 grilled cheese sandwiches so far on my potato bread and I am in love. I can't wait to try nachos and pizza this weekend! Thanks for the review and congrats on the article!

Food Allergy Queen said...

Glad it worked out and you liked it Anna! Those who have been burned on those travesties of cheese-like substances have been pleasantly surprised. :)

The cheese does freeze well (manufacturers here are making frozen pizzas and lasagnas with it) so if you were forced to buy a big bag, be sure to freeze it. It will go moldy if left unattended. Or uneaten. Cheers!