Thursday, March 11, 2010

FAQ Tips on: Getting food allergy support from others and Going out to eat

A reminder, I started a discussion board on my Food Allergy Queen Facebook page, and took a poll as to the most difficult issues encountered for those of us with food allergies.  Here is the URL to view the poll

The options were:

What are your biggest problems with your (or others) food allergies?

(1) Being confused as to what you can actually eat or not eat
(2) Being fearful to eat
(3) Being depressed about your food allergies
(4) Getting support from others (family, friends, restaurants) to maintain an allergen-free diet
(5) Going out to eat (both restaurants and other people's homes)
(6) Learning to cook for your allergies
(7) Finding products that work within your specific diet
(8) Cooking for non-allergic family members
(9) High cost of pre-made allergen-free foods
(10) Managing stress from your food allergies

Answers #4 and #5 were the most difficult, not too surprisingly, and I just posted my tips on managing both.  NOTE: you must be a member of Facebook to be able to view and participate.  It's free, and easy.  No need to put in any private information if you don't want to!

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