Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The hot dog from heaven

Sorry if the title of this post is misleading, the hot dog didn't TASTE like it was from heaven, it just LOOKED like it came from heaven. It was tasty though, a Chicago-style dog (little peppers are part of the style, but it was missing the poppy seed bun, which I wouldn't have eaten anyway) from a little place in Hollywood called Molly's Hamburgers in Hollywood. All the goodies on top made it a mess to eat (I used a fork and knife), but tasty.

This has become our go-to place after seeing a movie around the corner at the Arclight Theatre. The Arclight is a great place for a movie, but the concession stand charges you almost as much as the ticket!

The only food allergy tip I can add here is that those with dairy or soy allergies should be careful with any type of prepared meat (hot dogs, salami, cold cuts, etc.), a lot of these use one or both as filler. Kosher dogs don't have dairy, but some have soy. When I buy hot dogs for cooking at home, I buy the Boar's Head brand, which is more expensive, but doesn't have any fillers, just beef.

Okay, I'll confess. I just liked the hot dog picture and liked the place (I'm a sucker for diner-type places) and thought I'd share it. That's all.


Becky said...

That does look like a good hot dog... is it gluten free? I go to the Arclight all the time... maybe I've seen you there !

Jam Nelson said...

Hi FAQueen! The dog looks absolutely fabulous. Dairy in processed meat is a big problem for us (son's super severe reactions). But I have discovered Applegate Farms -- they make wonderful organic coldcuts that have NO DAIRY. Even the Lactic acid is NOT from a dairy source (I think it's beets).

Food Allergy Queen said...

Becky, commercial hot dogs tend to have "modified food starch" and "natural flavorings" which usually have gluten in them, so sorry, hot dogs would most likely not be completely gluten-free.

Jennifer, thanks for the tips on Applegate Farms, I'll check them out!


Anonymous said...

Uhhh...first off you committed a sacrilege, you made reference to a Chicago Style Dog and you put KETCHUP on it. The people at the RoadFoods forum might stone you to death for that sort of transgression. Although I think that thought also crossed their minds when I mention the AppleGate product as being very good – LOL.

And those are not proper sport peppers, the onion is diced not chopped, I am missing the celery salt, and I don't see any obnoxiously dyed relish on there either - so Chicago style it is not.

By the way, they are very correct the Applegate product is the best I have tasted on the market for a healthy alternative. "We" have them weekly, and we even tolerate my wife's forays into the world of spicy brown mustard instead of the proper yellow mustard, with delicious dyes in it that should be served.