Friday, May 11, 2007

Ethnic food is your amigo

Why? Because some cuisines are naturally free of some of your food allergy baddies! Some of the options I tap into regularly:

Mexican: no soy, few eggs, very little fish, can be ordered with no dairy. Order tacos in corn tortillas, chips and salsa. Tamales can sometimes come without cheese. Guacamole is traditionally served without dairy.

Thai: not much soy, wheat or dairy. Be careful of peanut oil though. Order tom kha kai soup (unless you can't have chicken or fish sauce), or pad woon sen a for wheat-free, peanut-free noodle alternative to pad thai! Curries are usually made with coconut milk, not cream. Beef salad or silver noodle salad are usually free of wheat, soy or dairy.

Indian: no soy, very little wheat, frequently vegetarian (so you can get without dairy). Chicken tikka, lamb saag, for wheat-free, dairy-free options. If you can have wheat, have samosas (dumplings stuffed with potatoes and peas) and take advantage of all the great chutneys available: mint and of course mango chutney. If you can have dairy, a mango lassi drink made with yogurt is very refreshing.

Middle Eastern: no soy, very little wheat, can be ordered riceless. Falafel, gyros, cucumber salad, turnip pickles, chicken or lamb schwarma! Baba ghanoush and hummous are dairy- and wheat-free.

This picture is of my Hawaiian dinner from L&L, a Hawaiian bbq chain. It's the roasted Kahlua pork and lau lau combo. (A lau lau is pork and fish wrapped in spinach and steamed inside ti leaves.) Usually served with macaroni salad AND rice side orders, I instead asked for an extra side of cabbage instead.

Venture out beyond your regular food travels and enjoy with aloha!

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Cat said...

Wow! I just feel like I've hit the jackpot! I also have food sensitivities (so far I just think it's gluten and citric acid) and here is a fabulous community of fellow allergy sufferers! Thanks for putting it all out there.