Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The noodles got me

Yes, I'm allergic to wheat. Yes, I'm allergic to soy. But these lovely ramen noodles from Santouka ramen were singing their siren song to me for two days (the beautifully arranged extra-rich pork slices and delicious salt broth didn't help the cause) and I caved. The FAQ fell off the wagon, and now you have hard evidence.

After I did the deed, I felt terrible, both physically and emotionally. (Wheat affects your seratonin levels, which for me means I get really depressed. Think of how many people out there are on anti-depressants when what they really need is to cut out wheat!) This in turn made me sleep badly, which made me look awful and puffy for about two days. It was a smack-upside-the-head reminder of how much food allergies impact my health overall. And once I cleared it out of my system, how amazingly good I feel when I behave. I usually choose bean thread (cellophane) noodles in Korean chop chae or Thai pad woon sen to get my noodle fix, but sometimes you see the right path and still deliberately drive off of it. You have to be bad sometimes as a reminder to be good.

(But for those of you who can have wheat, go for it!)

Santouka Ramen
In the Mitsuwa Marketplace food court
Corner of Centinela/Venice
Mar Vista

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Anonymous said...

I live in Japan and LOVE, LOVE ramen! When I found out that I am allergic to (wheat, eggs, soy, sesame seeds, nuts, seafood, etc.) a few days ago, it put a damper on things esp. since so many Japanese dishes (that I love) contain all things I can't consume anymore. I also realized that I can't have my black sesame seed ramen dish anymore, but I am fortunate enough to have had to opportunity to enjoy such a dish. Your website is great and I thank you for it!